Welcome to International Energy Network

Are you or your firm considering investment in oil projects, but you have no idea where to start, or who to contact? Rest assured, because you are in the right place!! This website will introduce you to direct oil investment, and to how we at International Energy Network (IEN) can assist.

Since 1998, IEN's sole mission has been to bring oil and capital together for their mutual benefit. Through extensive research and networking we systematically develop clusters of contacts in the oil industry and among sources of capital in the US and Europe. To date we have been the catalyst for over $150 million of funding from private investors.

For a decade we have built a successful track record. We have assembled investment opportunities in a variety of oil related investments, including oil/gas field acquisitions, renovation projects, drilling ventures and mineral land syndicates. We have been involved in more than 400 wells, with only a minor proportion proving non productive.

We welcome any due diligence you or your firm might consider undertaking on IEN, and we will exchange references and investor testimonials as, and when, appropriate.

"STOP PRESS" - In September 2009, IEN was appointed Fund Manager for a UK Oil Fund group being assembled over the next several months. This Fund is looking to make acquisitions of oil and gas properties and investments in high quality drilling and exploration projects in the USA, thereby taking advantage of the current outstanding investment conditions.