Assistance We Offer to European Investment firms

Our programs are managed by oil and gas professionals who have a track record of success and understand the needs of both advisors and investors. We offer two types of investment programs to fit your particular needs:

Market-Ready Programs

We have programs that will be market-ready in the near future and fit a variety of investment objectives such as long-term capital gains and/or current income. These programs have undergone rigorous due diligence by IEN, and we are prepared to assist as a conduit between the oil and gas professionals and your firm.

Private-Label Programs

If you have a special category of clientele, or if you wish to be the prime financial intermediary organizing selling groups of other firms, then you may be interested in having us create a custom program that you can sponsor. In this case, we can start from square one, define particular needs, assist in developing a creative structure that provides the investment criteria you want, and coordinate the process of packaging and marketing the program.

Selling Support

IEN provides valuable support for the advisor's selling efforts. We fully recognize that your most valuable asset is your customer base, and our activities are geared to fit your comfort level. We support without disrupting relationships in any way.

Additionally, we can assist in setting up the proper reporting mechanism so all parties stay adequately informed as to the progress of the investment after the funding. IEN can also undertake seminars for your staff and your clients in order to provide a clear explanation of the investment opportunity, as well as to allow a personal interaction with the IEN organization