Why Invest Directly Into an Oil and Gas Project?

There are distinct advantages to investing directly into an oil and gas project as opposed to buying stock in a public company:

    • Such an investment enables the investor to be engaged more directly, since his funds are allocated to a small number of wells. With public oil companies even significant drilling successes tend to be highly diluted at the individual shareholder level.
    • Profit potential due to price increases in oil and gas is significantly higher through a direct investment due to fewer administrative layers.
    • Control RoomSuch projects have a record of making potentially substantial profits for investors, particularly through International Energy Network (IEN). Our costs to conduct the research necessary to exclude unpromising or high-risk projects have been incurred before offering new ventures, so the investor is only engaging in projects with a high probability of success. For public companies, the costs of researching what are ultimately unprofitable projects are reflected in the net return to stockholders.

IEN can provide investors with a wide range of quality oil related investment opportunities. 

Furthermore, IEN is completely focused on developing oil reserves at a net price of $15 per barrel or less - as compared to the current oil price of between $60 and $70 per barrel. Clearly such investments should prove highly profitable! 

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Direct oil and gas investments look interesting.
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