About European Investment Firms

Firms that market investments would not think of overlooking such areas of opportunity as real estate, stock markets, venture capital and the like. But frequently such firms do overlook a major investment opportunity - direct oil investments!

We know that, in addition to the great physical distance between Europe and the US, many European investment marketing firms do not have familiarity with the oil and gas industry. Nevertheless, we believe that a fresh look at the oil and gas industry is extremely timely - indeed, we feel that there is currently a unique window of opportunity caused by the current global financial situation.

Where else can one find a mature industry that still has many avenues of profit, and opportunities with relatively predictable results? Where else can you find an investment opportunity where the underlying product - oil - will experience strong price growth over the next few years, in response to entrenched global supply and demand dynamics? These are the very reasons that American investors have been participating in oil and gas for many decades, and why we think you should consider developing a presence in this field.

Over many years we have developed a successful philosophy and strategy for marketing oil and gas programs. We know the kinds of support you need to effectively market such programs, and we know your investors want a return on their capital without surprises. We deliver both.

The key elements of our philosophy are:

    • Key ElementsThe investment project must have basic merit - that is, it must have a strong likelihood of success and profitability. The cost structure must be reasonable for the area, and in line with potential production. Invariably there should be investment in more than one specific activity, and in more than one area, to diversify risk. Finally, the oil company concerned must have investment in the activity itself, as well as the management/administrative capability and proven track record to undertake the specific program
    • The program must offer the investor a fair deal and maximize whatever tax benefits could be available to investors. Assuring that these factors are in place and correctly crafted involves looking at tax, legal, and accounting considerations. We coordinate this process, using high-quality professionals who have agreed to work with us on a negotiated-fee basis in order to control costs.
    • There must be a program of marketing support and advisor training already in place before the advisor gets involved. We began as a marketing organization, and this is the area where we make a profound impact by helping assure the program gets sold and closed-out on a timely basis.

Whether you are a small financial advisor with a few clients or a large syndicator, we can help. IEN is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, in the heart of the oil industry, and we have access to geologists, geophysicists, engineers, finance experts, and marketing professionals. Our London office is staffed with industry professionals who can support your operation from a European location and perspective.