Typical Clients

We are able to serve a range of client types because we are exposed to a constant stream of opportunities in our industry, and because, as consultants, we are accustomed to looking at all projects with objectivity. With our contact base and networking program, we can find a "niche" to serve almost any need that a company or investor might have.

IEN's clients fall into five categories:

    • Small to medium sized companies and/or investors who need to divest part or all of their oil and gas assets, or who are looking for a partner in order to make acquisitions of oil and gas properties.
    • Most often we serve North American oil and gas operators seeking capital partners. Typically they are small to medium-size companies, but our clients have ranged in size all the way up to giants like Tenneco, an $18 billion public company.

      We are currently working with an Oklahoma oil company whose partners include two large public US oil companies, an Australian public oil firm, and one British public oil company.
    • Second, we can provide quality, well-researched investment projects, due diligence, management, financial control, and administrative services for non-U.S. firms, desiring to take advantage of energy-related opportunities in the United States. 
    • Third, we prepare custom-tailored investments for individual investors, families and private trusts, located both in North America and Europe.
    • Fourth, we can initiate and develop deals and relationships between companies within the oil industry.