Our Track Record

Funding is currently sourced from the US and Europe. We are actively developing new funding sources both in Europe and elsewhere, and anticipate considerable additional funding becoming available during 2009 and beyond.

Since 1998, International Energy Network has been directly responsible for funding over $150 million for US oil and gas projects through early 2009. One operator alone has received $17 million, with a second operator close behind with $16 million. In 2009, we anticipate providing funding for at least $20 to $25 million in projects. Funding is currently sourced from the US and Europe, although it is likely that we will be developing new sources in the Middle East during this year.

Some recently funded projects include:

    • Development of a gas field near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    • Waterflood Project in Illinois
    • Osage County, Oklahoma - 4 wells
    • Seminole County, Oklahoma - 6 wells
    • Marion County, Kansas - 9 wells
    • Barnett Shale, Texas - over 50 wells

We have acquired producing properties in:

    • Loving County, Texas (oil and gas wells)
    • Potter County, Texas (gas wells)

Specific successes include:

    • The Illinois Waterflood that has to date returned almost 3 times its total investment
    • The Land Syndicate Project that has made a 100% profit on investment over its life
    • Many highly profitable drilling ventures that have returned multiples of the initial investment

We welcome any due diligence that is required, and can show references from major European investment firms currently working with IEN, oil and gas operators, and individual investors.