For discerning individual investors, families, and private trusts, we can provide high-quality investments that we are currently have available, or we will create custom oil and gas investment vehicles to fit your specific needs and objectives.

Individual InvestorsSuch investment programs can be focused on current income, long-term capital gains, or a blend of the two, depending upon your situation. For those who are comfortable with various levels of risk, we can also design programs in a balanced-risk portfolio of investments based upon your needs.

It is often said that profitable investing is a matter of timing. We agree, but in an industry as large and diverse as the oil and gas business, there are so many niches that the timing is always right for one or more of them. But you do have to know where to look and how to access those opportunities. And that is what we have been doing for many years.

International Energy Network (IEN), as a well-known business development consulting firm, is in an ideal position to give the individual investor access to high-quality investment projects that otherwise are not typically available to those outside the industry. This is because of the vital flow of opportunities that we see daily as a result of our wide range of contacts within the oil and gas business.

These contacts spring in part from our private, constantly-updated, database of over 15,000 oil and gas companies in North America, and from our ongoing program of outreach to the oil and gas industry through our Newsletters, Seminars and Workshops, Conferences and Targeted Direct Marketing. When promising situations come to our attention, we can quickly assess the merits of the project, then do in-depth due diligence to confirm that all the proper components are in place to assure the investor a sound opportunity.